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2017-2018 Uniform Policy

2017-2018 Orange River Elementary Uniform Policy

¨ Shoes must have a closed toe and closed back (sneakers are preferred).

¨ Students are to wear solid colored socks with their shoes-no patterns or designs.

¨ Students will be expected to wear their shirts tucked in at all times-shirts must have a collar.

¨ Students should wear a belt when belt loops are present on pants, shorts or skirts.

¨ Students may wear an Orange River School T-shirt with uniform bottoms on Fridays only. These are available for purchase in the front office.


Column A -Uniform Bottoms

Column B -Uniform Shirts/Sweaters/Sweatshirts

Choose solid Khaki, Navy Blue, or Black  NO DENIM

Any SOLID colored Polo Shirt with a collar- No logos on shirts

Pants- (Solid Colors From List Above)

For Cooler Weather:

Shorts- (Solid Colors From List Above)

Shorts length must be to the mid-thigh or longer

Any solid short or long sleeved collared Polo Shirts

Skorts- (Solid Colors From List Above)

Cardigan Sweaters-(button down front)   

Skirts- (Solid Colors From List Above)

Solid colored Sweatshirts or Sweaters

Jumpers- (Solid Colors From List Above) NO PLAID


 **Sweaters and Sweatshirts must be worn over a collared shirt.

No patterns, stripes, embroidery or prints on anything. All pieces must be solid colored.

No logos or brand-name symbols visible on any clothing. (ex. polo horse, etc.)

No T-shirts - All shirts must have a collar. (Exception: Friday, an “Orange River” T-shirt can be worn with a uniform bottom.)

No Jeans, sweatpants, stretchpants or leggings.

No stripes or ruffles on shirt collars or sleeve bands.

No COLORED DENIM shorts, skirts or pants.

No sandals, clogs, mesh shoes, flip flops, or open toed or open backed shoes.

No article of clothing/jewelry/hair color that may cause injury or be deemed a distraction to the educational process such as chains, belts, chokers, bracelets or earrings.

No hats, caps, or headgear.